Barr Is Trying To Get Federal Prosecutors To Interfere In The Election

Attorney General William Barr has removed a long-standing prohibition against the DOJ interfering in elections.

ProPublica reported:

Avoiding election interference is the overarching principle of DOJ policy on voting-related crimes. In place since at least 1980, the policy generally bars prosecutors not only from making any announcement about ongoing investigations close to an election but also from taking public steps — such as an arrest or a raid — before a vote is finalized because the publicity could tip the balance of a race.

But according to an email sent Friday by an official in the Public Integrity Section in Washington, now if a U.S. attorney’s office suspects election fraud that involves postal workers or military employees, federal investigators will be allowed to take public investigative steps before the polls close, even if those actions risk affecting the outcome of the election.

The Attorney General is trying to use the Department of Justice to taint the election results and help Donald Trump stay in power. Barr is trying to give Republicans ammo to delegitimize and contest the election.

This strategy will only work if the election is close. If Donald Trump loses Florida, Texas, Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona or any other red states along with Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, it will be impossible for Republicans to contest the election if they are blown out of the water by Biden and Harris.

Trump can’t out campaign Joe Biden. He can’t out fundraise Biden, so his only option left is to use the power of the Executive Branch of the government to tip the election in his favor.

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