Amy Klobuchar Upends The GOP’s Sham SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) brought Republicans back to reality and told them that the Senate should passing pandemic relief legislation right now.

Klobuchar said:

I want to turn to something else, and that is that we need a reset here, in my mind, for the people at home. A bit of a reality check that this isn’t normal right now. We have to understand that what people are dealing with, that 7.7 million people have gotten this virus, that 214,000 Americans have died, and for people watching at home and wondering what we’re all doing in this room right now and maybe you’re home because you lost your job or maybe you got your kids crawling all over your couch right now. Maybe you’re trying to teach your first grader how to do a mute button to go to school. Or maybe you’ve got a small business that you had to close down or that is struggling.

We should be doing something else right now. We shouldn’t be doing this. We should be passing coronavirus relief like the house just did, which was a significant bill that would have been a big help and I think people have to know that right now. Whether you’re Democrat, independent or Republican. And that’s why I started out yesterday by telling people that they need to vote.


Americans are dying every single day needlessly in a pandemic that only continues to rage on, and the Senate majority is trying to ram through a Supreme Court nominee before they get kicked out of power in a few weeks.

Those small businesses that are struggling don’t have much more time before they close down for good. The sick, the unemployed, and families all over the country need help, and when they look at their televisions, they see a group of Republican Senators who are pretending like none of this is happening and it is business as usual in America.

The hearing and the entire confirmation process that has been engineered by Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are a slap in the faces of the American people, and Amy Klobuchar brought a needed dose of reality into the Graham run farce.

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