Trump Spends His Saturday Morning Melting Down At Ben Sasse As His Campaign Burns

Trump is spending his Saturday morning with precious few days left until election day attacking Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is mad because Sasse strategically leaked all of the criticisms that Republicans have in private of him and his presidency.

Donald Trump doesn’t see that the leaked phone call is a sign that his hold over the Republican Party is weakening. Republicans are throwing him overboard and preparing for political life after Joe Biden wins the White House.

With a little more than two weeks before election day, Trump’s only focus should be on his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, but instead, he is continuing to self-destruct by placing his ego and need for petty feuds ahead of the larger goal of winning an election.

Trump can’t bully Ben Sasse because Republicans see what’s coming. Trump isn’t likely to be around in a few months. He could be facing a historic rejection at the ballot box.

Donald Trump has no idea that he is on the road to irrelevance.