Trump Rally Designated As A Coronavirus Outbreak

Public health officials in Minnesota have designated Donald Trump’s rally in the state a COVID outbreak after 20 people have been sickened.

CNN reported, “In Minnesota, public health officials say they’ve so far traced at least 20 cases of the virus back to a rally held by President Trump last month, or to related events. Of the 20 cases,16 are among people who attended the rally. Four people said they participated in counter-protests the same day, the state’s health department told CNN.

It has now been confirmed that Donald Trump’s rallies are causing coronavirus outbreaks and endangering public health. Not only is Trump not doing anything to keep Americans safe during the pandemic, but he is also actively working to make more people sick and the virus stronger.

Trump thinks that he is showing strength and winning by holding these rallies, but what most voters in swing states see when Trump comes to their town is a president doesn’t care about keeping people healthy.

People are getting sick because Donald Trump only cares about himself. The example that Trump is setting is literally spreading the virus and proving to America that he is a danger to the health of every city and state that he visits.

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