Trump Opens His Mouth And Destroys Biden Scandal That He Tried To Plant

In a conference call with campaign staff, Trump boasted about a Joe Biden scandal that he has planted in The Wall Street Journal.

Trump said on the call:

The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch and the fact that Trump is bragging about planting dirt on Biden in the newspaper destroys any credibility that the story might have had.

It is obvious that Trump is going to have one of Murdoch’s properties publish more Russian election interference and disinformation about Hunter Biden. Trump and Rudy Giuliani are the spreaders of the Russian election interference effort.

Whatever The Wall Street Journal publishes won’t help Trump, and it speaks to the state of the race that Donald Trump isn’t trying to defend his message or layout a second-term agenda.

Trump is spending the remaining days of the campaign trying to help Russia interfere in the election by promoting their disinformation about Joe Biden in conservative media.

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