Cindy McCain Reveals the Moment She Decided To Go All in on Biden

Donald Trump repeatedly touts his approval rating among Republicans, usually putting it at anywhere for 92-96%. That’s not true, of course, but it’s likely somewhere in the high 80’s.

What that number doesn’t include, however, are all the Republicans who have left the party since Trump became president. This includes the former GOP strategists who make up the Lincoln Project. It also includes John Kasich and Christine Todd Whitman who spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Cindy McCain, the widow of legendary Republican Senator John McCain also spoke at the DNC. At the time, she made a point of saying it wasn’t an official endorsement.

The official endorsement came a month later. McCain recently told viewers of  a Republican Veterans for Biden-Harris zoom event the moment she decided to go all in on Biden. 

McCain began, “I’m a Republican … and I have no intention of changing my party. That’s not why I’m here. But I do believe that we need to do what’s right for this country.”

She also said that when she would get upset with Trump, husband John would tell her, “Don’t (get upset). It’s just politics. Don’t react to it.”

But McCain’s breaking point came via Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic article released in early September. She elaborated, “But when the president decided to call my children, and my husband, and my father, and all the other hundreds of people in my family who have served honorably ‘losers’ and ‘suckers,’ that was the tipping line for me.”

The philanthropist has been working hard selling Biden to voters in Arizona. She is popular in there and her endorsement could be key to Biden taking home the swing state.