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Cindy McCain Suggests Trump Calling Soldiers “Losers” Pushed Her to Endorse Biden

Cindy McCain has said Donald Trump’s reported mockery of U.S. servicemembers killed and missing in action contributed to her decision to endorse Joe Biden. The widow of the late Republican Senator John McCain spoke to NBC’S Today Show on Wednesday following her overnighted endorsement of the former Vice President. “You’re a military mom. Was that the last…


Donald Trump Calls Joe Biden “John McCain’s Lapdog” after Late Senator’s Wife Endorses Him

Donald Trump lashed out at Joe Biden and Cindy McCain on Wednesday following her decision to endorse the Democratic presidential candidate in November’s election. McCain was married to the late Republican Senator John McCain, who was the subject of repeated attacks from the President, including after his death in 2018. “I hardly know Cindy McCain…

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New Report Claims Trump Also Called Soldiers Missing in Action “Losers”

A new report from the Washington Post appears to confirm reporting that Donald Trump has mocked and criticized military veterans as well as U.S. troops missing in action. Following an article published Thursday in The Atlantic, the Post reported on Friday that their sources had confirmed Trump’s attacks on military members and called them “losers.” “A former senior administration…


Conservative Rick Wilson: Trump Is “Sweaty and Terrified” After Story Claiming He Mocked Dead Troops

Conservative Rick Wilson suggested on Friday that the Trump White House is in a panic following a story claiming the President mocked dead U.S. soldiers and refused to visit a military cemetery. Wilson, a former Republican political strategist opposed to Trump, shared a tweet from the President defending himself against a charge that he didn’t…


Cindy McCain Responds to WH Official Who Mocked Her Husband

After a White House official mocked Sen. John McCain’s brain cancer at an internal meeting on Thursday, the Republican Senator’s wife Cindy McCain immediately responded on Twitter in defense of her husband. The senator’s wife wrote: “@kellysadler45 May I remind you my husband has a family, 7 children and 5 grandchildren.” @kellysadler45 May I remind you my husband…


John McCain’s Eternal War Against Gays At Home and American Soldiers Abroad

John McCain is a war hero, and advocates permanent wars regardless the cost in lives and drain on the economy. He also knows that allowing gays to serve in the military is wrong, regardless that a majority of Americans, the Pentagon, and service members support repealing DADT. McCain also doesn’t want an end to the war in Afghanistan because he has gross memory loss regarding the Iraq war.


Once Upon A Time Republicans and Democrats Agreed On Illegal Immigration

Ironically, in 2006, all of the players you now see polarized had agreed to an immigration reform bill co-sponsored by Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican John McCain. Said bill is now way too sane for McCain to put his name to, as he is busy selling his soul to the radical right and taking his friend Lindsey Graham down with him. Anything to keep his seat. Country First. Yada yada.


Weekly Round Up of Republican Wing Nut Circus April 10, 2010

It’s hard to keep up with the Republicans these days. They’re a regular three-ring circus being lead around by leaders like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck — two out of three of whom we know didn’t finish college. We haven’t seen Palin’s degree from the 5th or 6th college she attended, but recklessly, we are taking her word that she graduated. Personally, I’m still waiting to see her high school diploma, but that’s just me. At any rate, with leaders like this, it’s no wonder that the Republicans are going up in flames.


Alaskans Adamantly Rebuke Palin’s Denial of Stoking Violence

Sarah Palin’s ties with the AIP (which itself has strong ties with white supremacists groups, the same groups the Secret Service blamed for the death threats against candidate Obama) should have been a warning about what kind of person she was, but the media were charmed by her folksy mom image. And while Americans finally decided she was unqualified to be Vice President, they never got a glimpse of the real Sarah. The real Sarah is a dangerous extremist. And she has the past to prove it.


McCain to Double Down on His Losing Health Care Strategy

McCain is everywhere this post-healthcare reform passage morning. McCain is apparently feelin’ rather badly for himself and his party, as his main message today is “Everything we did wrong in the last year, we’re going to do more of! We’re going to run on repealing healthcare reform. We’re not going to be a part of any solutions. And lastly, I am bringing Palin back for another Hail Mary next week.”

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