Trump’s Own Polling Has Him Losing Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania

Contrary to their public message, Trump’s own internal polling shows him losing Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Wallace said:

He’s way behind in Wisconsin and Michigan, and behind enough in Pennsylvania, their only path to victory would be to declare victory. I’m not sure that message has reached the president and told me that he has phone calls and feeling confident.


His advisors and people that have done this before. There are not a lot of those people that have done this before but the people that know how to read the tracks will acknowledge but in these Kornacki is bringing our attention to, they are wary about Arizona. They think McSally is polling lower than they are but that usually isn’t the case a Senate candidate is so far behind a presidential candidate. People usually go in and support the ticket. And they along with the Biden campaign are keeping their eye on North Carolina.

This is not what the Trump campaign is saying publicly:

The math is simple. If Trump loses Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the election is over. Trump has so many other problems on the map including Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina that it is unlikely that the election will come down to the same three states that decided it in 2016.

Their position is much worse than in 2016, and they are on course for defeat.

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