Republicans Confirm Trump Coup Plot To Overturn Biden Win

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey confirmed that Trump did bring Michigan Republicans to the White House to lobby them to overturn the election.

The AP reported:

At one point, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani — who called in — repeated allegations he had made at a news conference the day before regarding votes in the Democratic stronghold of Wayne County, Shirkey said.

“Once Speaker Chatfield and I made it abundantly clear that our laws are very specific, very clear, no room for ambiguity, basically that was the end of the conversation once we went through that, as it relates to the election,” he said. ”There’s just not any room in our laws for the Legislature to have a part in that.”

The White House claimed that the state Republicans were meeting with Trump on pandemic related business, but the truth is that Trump summoned them to him as part of his effort to steal the presidential election from the majority of Americans who voted for Joe Biden.

The coup plot was real. Trump was trying to overturn the election. Just because he wasn’t successful doesn’t mean that the threat should be dismissed.

It will mystify Trump for the rest of his life why state legislatures didn’t break the law and hand him another four years in the White House.

Donald Trump tried to steal a presidential election, and only judges and state legislatures stopped him from doing so.

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