All Of The Sudden Republicans Want To Examine Biden Nominees’ Tax Returns


Republicans have now decided the tax returns of nominees and people in power matter, as they want to scrutinize Biden’s nominees.

Outgoing Senate Finance Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wants to examine Biden Treasury nominee Janet Yellen’s tax returns:


Just a few months ago in September, Grassley complained Trump’s tax returns got out, “That information should have never gotten out, and whoever got it out violated the law…All I’ve got is the president saying he’s paid millions of dollars in taxes, and you’ve got the New York Times printing what they think, and we don’t have the facts to make a judgment. But let me say that I’d be very concerned about how it got out.”

Republicans defended Trump and his nominees hiding their tax returns and brushed off any red flags that were in the financial dealings of Trump and his cabinet nominees.

Now that Joe Biden will be president, Senate Republicans have found religion on tax returns and are demanding that nominees like Janet Yellen are reviewed down to the smallest detail.

The hypocrisy is not unexpected or surprising, but it is proof that even after Trump is gone, the underlying political cynicism of the Republican Party will keep going strong.

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