Trump Almost Starts Crying During 46 Minute Speech On Non-Existent Election Fraud

Trump released a 46-minute speech loaded with conspiracy theories and false election fraud claims that almost had him in tears.

Video of the whole speech for anyone who wants to watch it:

Trump said in part:

It was about so many other things. But above all, and it about fraud. This election was rigged. Everybody knows it. I don’t mind if I lose an election, but I want to lose an election fair and square. What I don’t want to do is have it stolen from the American people. That is what we are fighting for, and we have no choice to be doing that. We already have the proof, we already have the evidence. And it is very clear. Many people in the media and even judges so far have refused to accept it. They know it is true. They know it is there. They know who won the election. But they refuse to say “You are right.” Our country needs somebody to say “You’re right.” Ultimately, I’m prepared to accept any election result and I’m hoping Joe Biden is as well.

Trump was on the verge of tears at points in the speech:

Trump wasn’t going to cry for all of the pandemic victims who have needlessly died on his watch. Trump isn’t crying for the people who have lost their jobs and will soon be losing their homes over the holidays.

Trump was on the verge of tears for himself. An entitled rich boy who grew up and deluded himself with fantasies of winning is now confronted with the reality that he is one of history’s great losers.

Donald Trump is now releasing taped videos, much like a terrorist in hiding, because he refuses to be accountable and face his defeat.

Trump was nearly crying because the American people are about to be liberated from his reign of narcissistic incompetence and terror.

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