Trump Calls Eliminating Section 230 a “National Security and Election Integrity Must” in Post Criticizing GOP

President Donald Trump criticized Senate Republicans who he says are “getting cold feet with respect to” eliminating Section 230 of the Communications Act, which protects internet providers and tech companies from liability for content posted on their platforms. The president called eliminating the law “a National Security and Election Integrity MUST.”

“For years, all talk, no action. Termination must be put in Defense Bill!!!” he added.

Trump has railed against Section 230 in recent days and lawmakers have signaled they will not make repealing the law part of a defense authorization bill despite the president’s threat to use his veto power. Critics have noted that repealing it would allow the president to go after his political opponents and anyone who has spoken out against him.

Several members of Congress have spoken out, indicating that there is strong bipartisan pushback.

Others, like New York Times reporter Jane Coaston, have pointed out the consequences of repealing the legislation.

“Trump and other Republicans have long complained that social media platforms unfairly censor right-wing viewpoints, despite denials by tech companies and a lack of credible evidence to support claims of technology’s systemic bias against conservatives,” CNN noted earlier this week.