Arizona Legislature Can’t Overturn The Election Because Rudy Giuliani Exposed Them To COVID

Even if the Republican state legislature in Arizona wanted to overturn the election for Trump, they can’t because Rudy Giuliani exposed them to COVID.

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National Review reported, “Even if the Arizona state legislature wanted to meet this week to vote to reject the certified election results and name its own slate of electors . . . they can’t, because they’re closing for a week because Rudy Giuliani may have exposed the lawmakers to COVID-19. Shakespeare couldn’t write a twist like that.”

Republicans in Arizona have firmly rejected Trump and Giuliani’s calls for them to break the law. The idea that of following the law and being bound by it has both confused and exasperated Trump who openly asked during the sham election fraud hearing in Pennsylvania, “Why won’t the overturn the election?”

The concept of following the law is so foreign to Donald Trump that it is out of his realm of understanding. Zero state legislatures have agreed to go along with Trump and Giuliani’s coup plot, but it is a fitting twist that even if they wanted to in states like Arizona, they can’t because Trump and his COVID denier lawyer forced the legislature to shut down by exposing them to a deadly virus in the middle of a pandemic.

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