Texas Files Insane Lawsuit To Overturn Biden Wins In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, And Georgia

Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court accusing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia of “illegal election results.”


The unusual lawsuit, which was filed directly to the Supreme Court, asserts that “unlawful election results” in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan — all of which Biden won — should be declared unconstitutional.


The filing argues that those states used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to unlawfully change their election rules “through executive fiat or friendly lawsuits, thereby weakening ballot integrity.”

“Any electoral college votes cast by such presidential electors appointed” in those states “cannot be counted,” Texas asks the high court to rule.

The lawsuit is a joke. States have the constitutional power to determine how they hold presidential elections. The election of a president is fifty separate state elections. There is no federal law setting the rules for how a state conducts its elections.

The states have the power to determine how they conduct their elections.

The Texas lawsuit will never be heard by the Supreme Court. There is no unsettled legal issue for the court to determine.

Republicans are in the final moments of their effort to keep Trump in power at any cost. The president is working the phones trying to get Republican state legislatures to illegally overturn the results in their states, while his Republican allies file politically motivated gibberish lawsuits that are an insult to the constitution.

In the hours before the midnight deadline, Republicans will unleash a boatload of crazy in the hopes of getting something to stick and keep Trump in the White House.

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