Geraldo on Trump’s Stimulus Sabotage: “What the Hell Are We Supposed To Do Now?”

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:58 pm

Donald Trump is on his way out of the White House looking like a bit of a loser. The president would much prefer to leave office on a high note. Time and time again he’s attempted to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccines. It hasn’t worked out for him.

So on Tuesday night, Trump again tried to endear himself to the American people. The president ripped into a bill agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans calling it a disgrace. Trump argued that the $600 stimulus check was not enough and argued it should be $2,000.

The argument from Trump not only played directly into the hands of Democrats, it also left many questions about when there would be relief for Americans.

During a Wednesday appearance on Fox‘s The Five, Geraldo Rivera wondered what the plan was going forward.

“Everyone’s been focused on Congress and all of the pork spending and the obvious itemization of ridiculous things… What about the president? He’s threatening a veto. He’s gone on Christmas holiday. What the hell are we supposed to do now? The president has said this is no good. What about the defense authorization part of this? What about paying the military? What happens when all this funding is exhausted on the day after Christmas or thereabouts? We needed some leadership here… He’s the a leader of the free world. Give us some guidance. Now what are they supposed to do? He is going to Mar-a-Lago. Is Nancy Pelosi going to meet with Mitch McConnell? Are they going to get together and get a plan? What are the American people going to do? We are left adrift right now.”

Todd Neikirk

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