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CNN’s Abby Phillip Says Charles Kushner Pardon Could be Precursor to Massive Trump Family Pardons

It was always assumed that Donald Trump’s pardons would be unlike any others seen in American history. And he has not disappointed. The president has pardoned war criminals, insider traders, political dirty tricksters and multiple people who have pleaded guilty to charges against them. But on Wednesday, Trump gave a different kind of pardon. The…


Trump’s Continues to Make Mockery of Pardon Process Absolving Manafort, Stone and Jared Kushner’s Dad

There are many inmates with intriguing cases hoping for a presidential pardon. Unfortunately for them, many are neither Republicans or close personal friends to Donald Trump. On Tuesday, the president delivered pardons to disgraced politicians Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter. He also absolved the war atrocities of Blackwater contractors. On Wednesday night, Trump continued to…

Pelosi Election Rigging Trump

Pelosi Continues to Urge Trump to Authorize $2,000 Direct Payments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) urged President Donald Trump to authorize $2,000 direct payments to Americans after he expressed his dissatisfaction with the bipartisan Covid-19 stimulus package that lawmakers approved late Monday. “Mr. President, sign the bill to keep government open!” she wrote. “Urge McConnell and McCarthy to agree with the Democratic unanimous consent request…

Trump on the COVID relief bill

Trump Staffers Have Received Their Departure Instructions from the White House Management Office

Trump administration staffers have received their departure instructions from the White House Management Office, contradicting President Donald Trump’s public remarks about the 2020 election being fraudulent, a baseless claim that his own security agencies and the Justice Department have struck down. According to a memo obtained by POLITICO, staffers were informed they “will start departing”…


Public Briefings Will Resume, Says Biden’s Choice for CDC Director

Speaking to CNN, Rochelle Walensky, President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to run the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that public briefings would resume under her leadership. That’s an about-face from current policy: The CDC has halted most of its briefings during the Covid-19 pandemic and most communication about the agency’s response to the crisis…

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