Pro-Trump Domestic Terrorists Threaten Attack On The Capitol If 25th Amendment Is Invoked

The FBI issued a bulletin that pro-Trump domestic terrorists are threatening to attack the Capitol if the 25th Amendment is invoked.

Josh Margolin of ABC News tweeted:

The domestic terrorists are plotting an armed return to the Capitol next week regardless of where the situation stands on the 25th Amendment. If the FBI has identified this group, they need to arrest and detain them before they make it to the Capitol. A plot to attack the Capitol is a crime. Threatening to attack the Capitol is a crime.

It is understandable that law enforcement might not want to pick these people up right away because the court system might release them too soon, but if the FBI knows who these people are and what they are planning to do, they need to act to intercept the potential terrorists before it is too late.

The nation saw what happened less than a week ago at the Capitol. Terrorists need to be stopped before they can put their plans into action.

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