George W. Bush Says Biden Is The Only One Who Could Have Beaten Trump

George W. Bush told House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) that only Joe Biden could have defeated Trump.

Meg Kinnard of the AP tweeted:

George W. Bush was correct on both counts. Joe Biden was the only person in the 2020 field who could have beaten Trump. Joe Biden was able to build a coalition that was broad and diverse with a message of unity, and it was Rep. Clyburn who likely saved the country with his endorsement of Biden before the South Carolina primary.

Biden won South Carolina and from there, his momentum exploded and left little doubt that he would be the nominee.

The conventional wisdom in politics is that when voters choose a presidential nominee based on electability, they often lose, but in 2020 the majority of Democratic primary voters were correct. Joe Biden was the one candidate who could beat Trump, and none of it would have happened without Rep. Jim Clyburn.

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