Fox’s Chris Wallace Calls Biden’s Inaugural Address The Best He’s Ever Heard

President Biden’s inaugural address was heavily praised by Fox News’s Chris Wallace, who called it the best that he’s ever heard.


Wallace reacted to Biden’s address by saying:

I thought it was a great speech. I have been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961. John F. Kennedy’s ask not. I thought this was the best inaugural address I have ever heard. A lot of this event today, a lot of the president’s speech was colored by the emotion of the fact that exactly two weeks ago, 14 days ago, there was a mob, a buzz of insurrectionists, of domestic terrorists on the inaugural stand. Joe Biden was saying democracy prevailed. We were able to get through that. He was talking about how we need to get through that in the future if we are going to be a united country.

We talked about white supremacy, domestic terrorism. He said we must confront it, we will defeat it. My whole soul is in this, uniting our people. I think it was less an inaugural address and more part sermon, part pep talk, talking directly to the American people, saying, hear me out. We have a right to dissent peacefully, but our disagreement must not lead to disunion. It was a call to our better angels, a call saying, look, we’ve got tremendous challenges, covid, the commish racial injustice, climate change, but there’s nothing we can’t do if we come together.

And there’s one other thing he said that I think, especially us in the media must note. He said that there is truth and there are lies, lies that are told for power and lies that are told for profit. And I think it was a call to all of us, whether it’s us on the air, on cable or broadcast, whether it’s us on social media, on our Twitter accounts, understanding that we have to deal from fact, from the truth, to hear each other out, a right to disagree, but not a right to violence.

Biden’s address has drawn universal praise because it marked the return of the presidency as an office of the people and not a cult of personality. Many people have seen the danger that the Republican Big Lie posed after the attack on the Capitol. Biden perfectly read the needs and tone of the country, and his speech was good, it has even drawn applause from corners of Fox News.

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Chris Wallace praises Biden Inaugural address
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