Joe Biden Skyrockets To A 61% Approval Rating As His Stimulus Plan Is Massively Popular

President Biden is getting excellent marks for his handling of the pandemic. His stimulus bill is very popular, and he has a 61% approval rating.

According to a new CBS News/YouGov Poll, 83% of Americans want Congress to pass a COVID relief package. Only 41% of Americans think it is important to have bipartisan support for the bill, and only 20% of those polled think that the $1.9 trillion plan is too big. The poll also found that President Biden has a 64% approval rating on his pandemic handling and a 61% overall job approval rating.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats are in step with America on this issue, and so far, Biden’s performance as president has not disappointed the American people. There has been no tweeting, no external distractions, and no drama. Biden and his team have shown up to work each day and moved to get America back on track.

The nonsense of the Trump reality TV presidency is quickly being forgotten, as the early days of the Biden presidency feature government behaving normally and the American people appreciating the normalcy and attention paid to the multiple crises that they are facing.

The Republican opposition to the stimulus bill reinforces their declining popularity as a party. By governing from the middle, President Biden is pushing the GOP into niche status, as he is rising to the occasion to deliver on his promise to build America back better.

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