Rudy Giuliani Suggests The Impeachment Trial is illegitimate Because the Jurors Were Also Witnesses

It will most likely not matter in the long run, but Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is not going well. While his lawyers have seemed unprepared, the Democratic impeachment managers have been making concise arguments.

Trump’s lawyers are in a reasonably tough spot. The evidence against their client is damning and they are struggling to argue their way out of it. Rudy Giuliani, who has also represented Trump in court, has a solution for them. The former New York City mayor thinks they should argue that the trial is illegitimate because the senators acting as the jury were also witnesses.

Giuliani made the comments during a Wednesday appearance on OAN. He told host Chanel Rion:

“I was very upset when — I think I believe — he (Trump lawyer Bruce Castor) basically said that the president’s argument about the — about fraud in the election was not., you know, really valid. I think they should put in all the evidence that they have for all of these different states that shows that when the president talks about this, whether you agree or not, the ultimate result should change. There was certainly a massive, massive amount of evidence that the press is making believe doesn’t exist.”

Rion then asked, “Mayor, Democrats are making this out to be like a judicial trial when there are basic rules they are breaking that would toss their case out immediately. Case in point, they are prosecuting a case when they themselves were the witnesses in that case. Doesn’t this compromise the fairness of a real trial.”

Giuliani answered, “Let’s assume this was an incitement to riot trial and a person showed up on the jury that was in the building at the time; that person would be thrown out and then disqualified immediately.”