Trump lawyer threatens GOP Senators with primaries

Trump’s Lawyer Threatens Republican Senators With Primary Challenges

In a moment that appeared to be designed to keep Republican Senators in line, Trump lawyer Bruce Castor raised the prospect of Senate primary challenges.


Castor said, “If members of Congress wouldn’t fight for the principles they held dear, what was it that the president specifically told his supporters at that rally he wanted them to do? He wanted them to support primary challenges. Now, nobody in this chamber is anxious to have a primary challenge. That is one truism I think I can say with some certainty. But that’s the way we operate in this country.”

Trump’s lawyer was making sure that enough Republicans know the consequences that will follow if they were to follow the evidence and vote to convict the former president.

Trump has been holding the threat of primary challenges over the heads of House and Senate Republicans for years. There is zero evidence that Trump has the resources or the interest in following through and mounting a series of primary challenges against those who would oppose him, but many Senate Republicans are so scared of Trump’s imaginary power that they will vote to let him get away with attempting to overthrow the government.

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