John Heilemann: Supporting a Man Who Wanted to See His VP Killed Makes the GOP the Zombie Party

In the last week, nearly every Republican gave their take on the Donald Trump impeachment trial. People like Lindsey Graham gave the ex-president their full support. Others, like Mitch McConnell, blasted Trump but still voted to acquit him.

Mike Pence, though, had nothing to say. This was especially interesting considering the facts of the case. According to reports, Trump could care less that Pence was in danger during the siege.

Despite this fact, Republicans still decided to acquit the former president. According to John Heilemann, this makes them a dying, zombie party.

The MSNBC contributor told Nicolle Wallace, “I mean, you know, that guy — that guy, Nicole, retiree Donald Trump in south Florida, continues to be the most powerful person in the Republican Party and the party has sworn its allegiance to him in the face of — a guy who tried to kill them all or was perfectly willing to let them all die, like literally, you know? We talked about this last week. I mean, the kind of textbook definition of a monster, a morally depraved monster, who wanted to see — was happy to see his vice president killed.”

Heilemann continued, “They are so utterly without core, principles, ideology, intellectual ballast, convictions, beliefs, principles, positions. All they have now is Trump. I’m tempted to say, well, I’m not just tempted. I’ll say it. I think the Republican Party is dead now. I mean, I’ve said a couple times on the show that I think it’s a zombie party at this point, right? It continues to exist in the world and accumulate millions of people who vote for it. But it is without all of those things I just said.”

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