The FBI Is Using Cellphone Data To Investigate Republicans In Congress For Capitol Attack

The FBI has the cellphone records of members of Congress and staff, and they are using them in part to investigate Republicans in Congress who may have participated in the Capitol attack.

The Intercept reported:

The cellphone data includes many records from the members of Congress and staff members who were at the Capitol that day to certify President Joe Biden’s election victory. The FBI is “searching cell towers and phones pinging off cell sites in the area to determine visitors to the Capitol,” a recently retired senior FBI official told The Intercept.

The data is also being used to map links between suspects, which include members of Congress, they also said. (Capitol Police are reportedly investigating whether lawmakers helped rioters gain access to the Capitol as several Democrats have alleged they did, though Republican officials deny this.)

If any Republican members of Congress or their staff aided or assisted the Capitol attackers, the cellphone data will reveal their participation. The American people have given the FBI over 200,000 tips related to the attack on the Capitol, but the American people may not find out how deep into the Republican Party that the plot went until the FBI has finished its investigation.

Republicans in Congress, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene potentially, have not gotten away with anything. Congressional immunity does not cover criminal acts like providing aid and support to those who attacked the Capitol.

An investigation of such a large scope takes time, but if any Republican member of Congress participated, aided, or assisted in the attack, they will be criminally charged.

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