Miami Mayor Says Over 100 Guns Have Been Found on Spring Breakers So Far

College students have been pent up for the last year. And many of them are ready to party. Figuring out where to party, though, has been difficult for them.

Florida Mayor Ron DeSantis, though, has been quick to pull back COVID restrictions in his state. So many spring breakers quickly decided that Miami Beach would be a good place for them to go.

And thus far, this has caused a disaster in the city. Mayor Dan Gelber, a Democrat, has to institute a curfew of 8 PM in the city. But it hasn’t done much good. The crowds are much too large and difficult for Miami police to contain.

And according to Gelber, all the people coming to the city to party aren’t you’re average college students. There has already been one case of a girl dying after being drugged in a robbery. The Mayor says over 100 guns have been found on revelers.

Gelber told Fox News host Neil Cavuto:

We know from the arrestees where they were from. One of the problems, Florida is totally open. People are coming down here. Air fare is very cheap. There’s not a lot of other destinations open like our city. So we’re getting an enormous crush of people coming here. Among the people coming to love the beaches and the great restaurants — I sound like a chamber of commerce ad — but among that is people coming here to cause problems. Our license plate readers, which we have on the cause ways, we caught about 100 guns in the group. Usually you get them from cars that have a warrant for them. The drivers have warrants. People shouldn’t have a weapon. So it was very much a concern to us. Our city leadership decided quickly once we saw that, we’re not going to hope that we get through it or pray. We’re going to do something so people feel confident that they can be safe in all parts of our city including this part.”