Fox News Enters Day 3 Of Their Embarrassing Peter Doocy Martyrdom

Ever since Dominion Voting Systems sued them for $1.6 billion, Fox News has, on a nearly hourly basis, been trying to martyr Peter Doocy.

Andrew Feinberg tweeted that we have entered day three of The Passion Of The Doocy:

Peter Doocy claimed that there is some mysterious list that Fox News isn’t on that is causing Joe Biden to exclude them from questions. However, White House Jen Psaki knocked this down and forced Doocy to admit that both the White House takes his questions and President Biden has been generous to Fox News with his time.

This reality hasn’t stopped Fox from trying to turn Doocy into a conservative martyr who is being persecuted for his conservatism.

Fox is trying to create a diversion because they don’t want their viewers to know that they lied to them about the election being stolen from Donald Trump.

Almost every hour of Fox News’s programming for days has contained a mention of Peter Doocy. It is embarrassing and reveals how far Fox is willing to go to create outrage and distraction.

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