Sen. Raphael Warnock Says Republicans Are Running Scared

Sen. Warnock (D-GA) explained that the huge voter turnout of 2020 has Republicans running scared because they fear democracy.


Sen. Warnock said on CNN‘s State Of The Union, “Well, you know, I am very clear this is not about me. This is really about preserving the voices of the people and their democracy, and I honestly think, Dana, that politicians focused on their own political ambition is what’s gotten us here in the first place. You had legislators who are running scared. So rather than having the people select their politicians, the politicians trying to cherry-pick their voters. This is an assault on the covenant we have with one another as an American people and it is my job to protect it.”

Republicans are running scared. The reason why they are so outraged by the For The People Act is that it would take away their tools for rigging elections, which include dark money, voter suppression, and gerrymandering. If the For The People Act became law, Republicans would have to try to appeal to voters and get more votes than their opponents.

Since the Republican Party platform is unpopular with a majority of the country, they need to shrink the size of the electorate to win.

The 2020 election showed what happens to Republicans when more people vote. Republicans are scared which is why they are doing all that they can to stop people from voting.