Pelosi Says She Won’t Give Republicans Anything On Infrastructure Bill

Speaker Pelosi said that she would not make any changes to the infrastructure bill in order to get Republican votes.


Speaker Pelosi was asked on CBS’s Face The Nation, “What you just laid out there just does have Republican support. It is the rest of the package that Republicans are large and largely objecting to. Can you trim it down to focus on the portions you outlined? Roads, bridges, and waterways?”

Speaker Pelosi answered, “No because infrastructure is about education, getting children healthily in school with separation, sanitation, ventilation. It is about investments in housing. Overwhelmingly the bill is about infrastructure in the traditional sense of the word. We also think in infrastructure there is a need for workforce development in order to have a workforce fully participating in how we go forward and child care so that women can be involved in that as well. So it is physical infrastructure. Is also human infrastructure involved. The figure they use is a ridiculous one to say it is just a small percentage of the bill. It is overwhelmingly what the legislation is about and some newer versions of why — how we build the infrastructure in a way that takes building back better. It means we are all going down the path together.”

Speaker Pelosi knows that no House Democrat will vote against the infrastructure bill because it isn’t big enough or for any other petty reason. She’s got the votes to pass the bill.

Democrats learned an important lesson from watching Republicans operate during the Trump years. They have the power, and they are using it.

Democrats in Congress are doing big things, and it doesn’t matter if Republicans in Congress support what they are doing, so long as the American people do.

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