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Author of Fake New York Post Story About Kamala Harris Says Paper Forced Her to Write It

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:33 pm

The New York Post recently published a story about Kamala Harris‘ book being given out to migrant children at the border. The story, however, was entirely fake. One copy of the book was donated by a man in Long Beach, California.

Still, the story quickly made its way through Conservative media circles. it was retweeted by Jim Jordan and Ronna McDaniel. Tucker Carlson did a segment on the fake news story last night.

And now, the author of the piece, Laura Italiano, is resigning from the Post and claiming that she was forced to write the false article.

Italiano took to Twitter to write, “An announcement: Today I handed in my resignation to my editors at the New York Post.”

The writer continued, “The Kamala Harris story — an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against — was my breaking point. It’s been a privilege to cover the City of New York for its liveliest, wittiest tabloid — a paper filled with reporters and editors I admire deeply and hold as friends. I’m sad to leave.”

As noted before, the New York Post has a history of publishing questionable news stories. The paper featured a widely discredited story about Hunter Biden back in October of 2020. When asked why he brought the story to the Post, Rudy Giuliani said, “either nobody else would take it, or if they took it, they would spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.”


Todd Neikirk

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