All Of The Rats Are Sinking Together As Rudy Giuliani Hit Up Alan Dershowitz For Legal Advice


The Trump clique is all going down together as Rudy Giuliani has turned to Alan Dershowitz for constitutional legal advice.

Via: The Daily Beast:

“I had spoken out a number of times against the raid, [and on Thursday] Giuliani called me and asked me if I would share that view with his lawyers,” Dershowitz, a celebrity attorney and Democrat who served on then-President Trump’s defense team in the first impeachment trial, said in a phone interview Friday morning.

Dershowitz continued that he would be happy to talk to Giuliani’s lawyers about the Fourth Amendment issues surrounding the search of Giuliani’s apartment and the seizure of some of his electronic devices “as a sounding board,” but he noted that he hadn’t heard from his lawyers yet.


The point has been reached where when Dershowitz shows up on the scene, it is a good sign that the ship is going down fast.

Rudy Giuliani has responded to being raised by the FBI by setting fire to his own legal defense. Giuliani has also been clear that he is going to continue to “Rudy” up the situation with consists of insane claims in the media, lies, and potentially plenty of self-incrimination.

Giuliani’s response to the raid hasn’t been to shut up and let his lawyers do the work. He has gone full-blown crazy, and rats who floated for years with Trump are now sinking fast with presidential pardon lifeboats to save them.

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