Sen. Chuck Grassley Humiliates Himself And Shows That He Needs To Retire

Sen. Chuck Grassley tried to attack Google and cable companies but unleashed a typo-filled tweet that made zero sense.

Grassley tweeted:

Grassley was apparently mad at Fox News because they took their ticker off the screen. The problem is that Fox News is not a cable company. They are a channel. Also, the search engine is called Google, not goggle, but we can attribute that typo to a possible auto-correct misadventure.

However, Sen. Grassley is getting close to 90 years of age, so it is fair to ask if he should still be in the Senate after reading his tweet that didn’t make any sense.

He was correct about the endless repetition of stories on cable news, but a Senator should not be getting his information from the Fox News ticker.

It might be time for Sen. Grassley to retire because his tweet raising some disturbing questions about his competency.

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