Kevin McCarthy refuses to answer questions about Trump cheering on Capitol attack

The Sunday Shows Are Letting Republicans Get Away With January 6 Attack And People Are Noticing

Outside of CNN’s State Of The Union, the other Sunday shows have booked Republicans who tried to overthrow the government and not held them accountable.

Via: The Washington Post, “Too many Sunday news shows repeatedly book the likes of Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, and Ron Johnson without reminding viewers how these members of Congress tried to undo the results of the election — and encouraged the Trumpian lies about election fraud that led to the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol less than four months ago. A rare exception is CNN’s “State of the Union,” which hasn’t booked a single member of the so-called Sedition Caucus since January.”

Sunday, May the second was one of the few Sundays that didn’t feature a congressional Republican supporter of the insurrection on a Sunday news show, but Fox News did give loads of airtime to the Texas governor and attorney general who filed the lawsuit trying to get the election overturned.

Frustration with the Sunday news shows has only grown with viewers who are watching the shows book guests who incited, encouraged, and did not condemn the attempt to overthrow the government without holding them accountable.

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The Sunday news shows have morphed over the last two decades into the most overt form of access journalism on television. Viewers are demanding better, and if the shows don’t hold Republicans accountable for attacking democracy, except for CNN’s State Of The Union, people will hold the shows accountable by not watching.

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