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Florida Election Rigging Law Backfires And Makes It Harder For Republicans To Vote

Florida Republicans have realized that their election rigging bill makes it harder for Republicans to vote.

The Washington Post reported:

As Gruters’s Senate Bill 90 was debated in the legislature this year, some Republicans privately expressed worry that it could further undercut the party’s ability to encourage mail voting — particularly among military voters and the elderly, who overwhelmingly use that method to cast their ballots.

One former state party official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to relay private conversations said some Republicans briefly discussed whether lawmakers could exempt those two groups from the provision requiring voters to request mail ballots every election cycle. “Key lawmakers said, ‘You can’t do that,’ ” the former official said. “It would raise equal protection problems.”

The election security smokescreen floated by Republicans is a lie. The goal of the election rigging laws is to target voters who are likely to vote for Democrats while leaving Republican voters unharmed. Republicans are attempting to purge the electorate of Democratic voters, but in Florida, they used a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel, and the result is that they may disenfranchise their own voters.

Republicans are writing laws to help them cheat in elections. Their true motive could never be made clearer than their consideration of exempting their own voters from the election rigging laws.

Trump’s Big Lie may have the unintended consequence of gutting the vote by mail system that Republicans depend on to win in Florida.

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