Biden Uses Jobs Report To Masterfully Turn The Tables On Republicans

President Biden used the new jobs report to knock down Republican criticisms of his economic plan.


President Biden said:

Today’s report puts truth to loose talk we have been hearing about the economy lately. First, that we should stop helping workers and families out for fear of overheating the economy. This report reinforces the real truth. For years working people and middle-class people, people who built this country, have been left out in the cold, struggling to keep their heads above water while those at the top have done well. We are still digging out of an economic collapse that cost us 22 million jobs. Let me say that again. Cost us 22 million jobs.

When we came in, we inherited a year of profound economic crisis mismanagement on the virus. What we propose is going to work. We are going to get to 70%. But it’s going to take focus, commitment, and time to get the economy moving again, as we want it to move. We have got work to do. To state the obvious, we have work to do. Look, let’s keep our eye on the ball. That’s why the American rescue plan is so important. I said we build it as a year-long effort to rescue our country. It’s already working.

The President’s comments were a smart strategy. Biden is using the jobs report as evidence that more needs to be done. He is right. The economy had slipped into a recession before the pandemic. It is going to take more than a couple of months to bring everything back.

The Biden plan is working, and no one should be surprised if the jobs data ends up being revised upwards, but the reality is that until the pandemic is under control, it will be a fight to rebuild the economy.

Republicans just lost their argument that the economy will recover without help. It is clear that it won’t, and following the Republican path would turn a COVID recession into a COVID depression.

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