Eric Trump, Who Is Facing Potential Criminal Indictment, Claims Joe Biden Is Lazy

Eric Trump, who is one of the members of the Trump Organization who is facing potential indictment in New York, claimed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lazy.


Trump told Newsmax:


I think they’re lazy. I think they lack motivation. I think they lack the charisma to do what my father did. My father was on a plane every single day. He was literally going somewhere every single day, and where are these two? Why don’t you ever hear from them?

They’re not giving press conferences. They’re not going out in the Rose Garden like my father was. They aren’t doing press conferences as they’re getting on Air Force One. They’re not traveling anywhere. I mean, there just seems like there’s a vacuum in Washington. There’s no energy. There’s no speed. There’s no desire to actually fix these problems, and that’s depressing.

The public schedule of Donald Trump was leaked twice, and it showed him doing virtually nothing as president.

Eric Trump’s dad was on a plane regularly to visit one of his golf courses at taxpayer expense. Donald Trump played golf once every 3.5 days as president. Donald Trump was out in the Rose Garden holding monologues and spreading COVID. Trump rarely did a solo press conference.

There is great energy with the Biden administration. It is the energy of accomplishment. Biden has done more in five months in office than Trump did in four years. Biden doesn’t have to hype imaginary achievements. The American people have more cash in their pockets, they have been vaccinated, and they see things getting better.

Eric Trump is one of the major points of focus into Trump Organization fraud in New York. If the Trump Organization is criminally indicted, Eric Trump is going down with them.

The Trumps have been reduced to whining on Newsmax, and their desperation is clear. They are sinking fast, and a political comeback is their lifeline, which must be denied to them by the American people.

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