Republicans Just Told Democrats How To Beat Them By Opposing 1/6 Probe

Senate Republicans admitted on Sunday that they view the 1/6 Commission as bad for them, and they don’t want to talk about the Capitol attack next year.


Garrett Haake of NBC News reported, “There is some leeway perhaps that if the bill could be changed slightly you might pick up a couple of votes. But even folks like Marco Rubio, who had expressed some support for the idea of a commission, came out at the start of the weekend saying he finally had time to sit down and read the bill, he doesn’t want to do it. We’ve heard from some Senate Republicans who frankly have started to be a little more honest about why they don’t want this commission, they say this is just bad politics for them, they don’t want to be talking about January 6th into next year as the commission would suggest.”

Sometimes politics is easy.

Republicans don’t want to talk about the attack on the Capitol, which is also an indirect way of admitting that they don’t want to talk about or be linked to Trump. They want his voters, but many of them don’t want to have to run in 2022 covered in insurrection Trump Stink.

Democrats should hammer Republicans all across the country from now through Election Day 2022 with Trump and the attack on the Capitol. It is great they are building such an impressive list of accomplishments, but Democrats need to remind voters who Republicans are, and they can do that by talking about the subject that the GOP is desperately trying to avoid.