Marjorie Taylor-Greene Says Her Anti-Semitic Rhetoric is “How Real Americans Talk”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is about as toxic as a politician could get right now. She has already been removed from her committee assignments because of past controversial comments.

She recently doubled down on comparing mask wearing to the holocaust. That led to widespread condemnation, even from those within her own party. She, however, has not been chastened by the criticism. In fact, Taylor Greene said during a recent podcast appearance that she’d done nothing wrong.

The Georgia Rep. told Steve Bannon, “They fear me because they know that I’m with the people. The media tried to destroy me right from the start. And the Democrats are trying to take me out as we speak. They have a resolution to expel me.”

Greene continued:

“But I’ve done nothing wrong. I have literally done nothing wrong. The only thing that I have done that they’re so offended by is I go in every single day and I speak exactly how real Americans talk at their kitchen tables, how real Americans talk when they’re on break at work, how real Americans talk to one another.”

The controversial Rep. closed her comments, “the Republican Party needs to stand up against racism that is constantly preached from the Democrats through the media, we need to stand up against the critical race theory, and we need to stand up against the constant non-stop rhetoric of racism and the constant throwing of the race card by the Democrats.”

It is no surprise to see Greene play the victim. It’s the hallmark defense of the current GOP.  And it doesn’t seem likely that she will be punished by her party.