Biden Goes Full Robin Hood And Says He’s Taking Back Trump’s Tax Cut For The Rich And Giving It To The Working Class


President Biden said that he plans on taking Trump‘s tax cut for the rich back and giving it to working-class people.


While speaking in Cleveland, Ohio, President Biden said, “By the way, they (Republicans) had no problem passing a $2 trillion tax plan. One for the top 1% that was not paid for at all to increase the debt $2 trillion — every time I talk about tax cuts for working-class people, they say, oh, my God, what are we going to do? We’re going to take back some of that 1% money. And make them pay for it.”


President Biden is making his values and intentions very clear. He will reverse decades of upward redistribution of wealth by redirecting America’s tax priorities toward benefitting the working class.

Rich people will be fine. They will continue to make lots of money and be wealthy. However, a shift of even a few thousand dollars per year can make a big difference in the lives of working people.

President Biden is taking our tax policy back from the rich and using it to benefit everyone else.

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