Sidney Powell Loses It And Demands That Trump Be Reinstated To The White House

Sidney Powell, who is being sued for billions of dollars for voting machine lies, claimed that Trump should be reinstated back into office.


Powell said at a Texas QAnon conference that there was abject fraud and a coup against the United States, and said, “It should be that he can simply be reinstated, and a new inauguration day set and Biden is told to move out the White House, and President Trump is told to move back in.”

This is the level of deranged that the Republican Party has reached. Elected Republicans are catering to this derangement by blocking the 1/6 Commission in the Senate. They are spreading the Big Lie, and they are hoping that this insanity can be mobilized into the Republicans taking back Congress in 2022.

Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. There is no process for restoring a defeated former president back into power.

The QAnon GOP is a threat to democracy because they don’t believe in accepting election results that they don’t like.

The former president is likely heading for a criminal indictment. The cult could finally splinter if their leader is a convicted felon with no chance of running for president again.

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