WATCH: Joe Manchin Calls For the Senate to Hold Another Vote on 1/6 Commission

Despite the fact that Democrats are in control of the senate, Joe Manchin has consistently pushed for bills to go through in a bi-partisan fashion. The West Virginia senator seems to be ignoring the fact that Republican leader  Mitch McConnell has shown absolutely no interest in working with Democrats.

Just last week, McConnell used his power to block a commission that would look into the events of January 6th. Rather than changing his mind due to the Kentucky senator’s obstruction, Manchin is pushing for the senate to vote on the manner again.

CNN reporter Manu Raju asked the West Virginia lawmaker, “What evidence do you have that Mitch McConnell wants to work with you? Last week he blocked a commission bill and he could have–and you’re saying that he wants to work with you?”

I’m not saying that one’s dead either,” answered the West Virginia lawmaker. “I’m not saying that one’s dead either, you know? I was very disappointed. I think it was wrong what he did, and I’ve said that. He knows how I feel about that… It was totally everything they asked for. It was totally bipartisan. “

Raju followed, “But they blocked it because of the filibuster.” Manchin countered, “Well, one person blocked it on that. But the bottom line is we have seven people, six that voted, seven would. We need three more. Let’s give it another shot.”

Considering McConnell’s history, Manchin’s goals may be overly ambitious. In order to pass bills, though, Democrats are going to have to make sure to work with the West Virginia lawmaker and keep him happy.