Netanyahu Goes Full Trump And Screams About Election Fraud As He Faces Prison

Last updated on June 9th, 2021 at 04:21 am

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Netanyahu has been ousted from power and is now screaming about election fraud, and he is on trial for bribery and corruption.

Haaretz reported:

Speaking before Likud lawmakers at a party faction meeting in the Knesset on Sunday, Netanyahu said that “journalists are taking part in this propaganda machine that enlisted in favor of the left, but you don’t have to be afraid of laying into” right-wing politicians who Netanyahu said are teaming up with the left.

Netanyahu went on to say that Israelis were “witnessing the biggest election fraud in the history of the country, in my opinion in the history of democracy.”

The soon-to-be-former Israeli leader’s comments should sound very familiar to people in the United States. Netanyahu is pulling from the Trump authoritarianism for dummies playbook.

There was no election fraud in Israel. Netanyahu kept the country paralyzed for years as he tried to hold on to power despite not winning a clear majority in multiple elections.

The only way that Netanyahu is certain to avoid prison is to remain as prime minister. That door appears to have been slammed shut after multiple opposition parties agreed to form a coalition government.

The attacks on journalists and the election process are nothing new, but Netanyahu, like Trump, is more than willing to destroy democracy to stay out of prison.

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