Ted Cruz Melts Down And Calls Joe Biden A Terrorist


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) falsely claimed that Joe Biden paid for rockets that attacked Israel, and said the President stands with terrorists.


Cruz said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:


We cannot support the undermining Israel and began sending $250 million to the Palestinian Authority that’s in bed with Hamas and immediately began promising billions of dollars to the ayatollah of Iran and all that led to launching a terror attack.

The rockets were in a very real sense paid for by Joe Biden and they were launched by Joe Biden because Hamas and Iran wanted to test Biden to say what’s he doing to do and unfortunately president Biden failed that test. He did exactly what Iran thought he would do which is undermine Israel and attack the prime minister and stand with the Hamas terrorists.

Joe Biden is not a terrorist. He is a very popular president who has driven Republicans crazy by being nice to them. Ted Cruz is running for president in 2024 and he is desperate to find a way to demonize Joe Biden.

Biden responded to the crisis in the Middle East in a way that the former failed one-term president who came before him never could. He used quiet diplomacy to deliver a cease fire.

Republicans are trying to find something, anything to use against President Biden, but claiming that Joe Biden is a terrorist after the former president from their party committed treason is not going to work.