Chuck Schumer Just Dropped The Subpoena Hammer On Barr And Sessions For Spying On Democrats

Last updated on June 13th, 2021 at 04:34 am

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that the Senate will be investigating DOJ spying on Democrats and will subpoena former Trump AGs Barr and Sessions.

Majority Leader Schumer and Judiciary Committee Chairman Durbin said in a joint statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

The revelation that the Trump Justice Department secretly subpoenaed metadata of House Intelligence Committee Members and staff and their families, including a minor, is shocking. This is a gross abuse of power and an assault on the separation of powers. This appalling politicization of the Department of Justice by Donald Trump and his sycophants must be investigated immediately by both the DOJ Inspector General and Congress.

Former Attorneys General Barr and Sessions and other officials who were involved must testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath. If they refuse, they are subject to being subpoenaed and compelled to testify under oath. In addition, the Justice Department must provide information and answers to the Judiciary Committee, which will vigorously investigate this abuse of power. This issue should not be partisan; under the Constitution, Congress is a co-equal branch of government and must be protected from an overreaching executive, and we expect that our Republican colleagues will join us in getting to the bottom of this serious matter.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has called on Merrick Garland to clean house at DOJ, while Senate Democrats aren’t wasting time launching an investigation into the corruption at the Justice Department.

There will be no dancing around these subpoenas. Barr can’t run out the clock on this one, and Democrats will use everything in their power to compel his testimony.

If Merrick Garland doesn’t act, Senate Democrats will.

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