Bank CEO Found Guilty Of Bribery And Conspiracy For Trying To Buy A Job In Trump White House

The bank CEO who tried to bribe Paul Manafort with $16 million in loans in exchange for a job in the Trump administration has been found guilty in federal court.

Bank CEO Who Made Loans To Paul Manafort Found Guilty Of Bribery

NBC News’s Tom Winter tweeted:

Rachel Maddow has been covering the story of these suspicious bank loans made to Paul Manafort by the CEO of the Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, Illinois, Stephen Calk, for years. Calk wanted a cabinet position in the Trump administration, and he tried to get it by approving loans that should have never been approved for Paul Manafort.

The Ripple Effects From Trump Crime And Corruption Continue

Calk is unlikely to be the last person connected to the Trump campaign and administration crime and corruption. It has been five years and people are still going to prison for criminal activity connected to members of the 2016 Trump campaign.

It is not just Trump and the Trump Organization or the Giuliani, Flynn, and Manafort types who make up the web of Trump adjacent criminality. There are people who will be facing legal consequences of their decisions for years to come because they associated with Trump and his gang.