Biden Sends Strong Message To Democratic Senators: Get Voting Rights Done

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said that President Biden sent a clear message to Democratic Senators that they need to get voting rights legislation done.

Biden Tells Democratic Senators To Get Voting Rights Done

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post spoke to Sen. Merkley:

 Merkley notes that by instructing Congress to get this done with great urgency, Biden is in effect telling the Senate Democratic caucus that it must find a way no matter what.

“Having the president say you’ve got to get the job done, which is what he did in this speech,” Merkley said, “is exactly the right message.”

As a result of Biden’s directive, Merkley continued, “Fifty Democratic senators are going to have to get into a room, and figure out which path, but we’ve got to get it done.”

Biden Doesn’t Have To Tell The Senate To Kill The Filibuster To Send A Strong Message

Presidents usually don’t tell the Senate how to handle their own rules. It is not a good look for the Executive Branch to be telling the Legislative Branch how to conduct their business. When presidents try to meddle on Senate rules, it doesn’t end well.

Having spent decades in the Senate, President Biden understands this, so he gave a speech that sent a loud message that he doesn’t care how Senate Democrats do it, they need to pass legislation to protect voting rights.

Biden sent his old Senate stomping grounds a message, and it sounds like Democrats got it.