Devin Nunes Claims Democrats Control 95% Of The Media (They Don’t)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) claimed that Democrats control 95% of the media, but are going to have to fake the news with computer-generated graphics.


Nunes said:

You know it’s getting bad that the propaganda machine that the socialist control, they control 95% of the media or so and then you take the big-tech oligarchs that control and censor what we receive via social media, when the poison gets to the average independent American, that propaganda, you know it’s bad when they can’t even find a 15 or 30-second soundbite out of full-hour town hall that they can plug into their propaganda machine.

They can’t get any soundbites from the vice president either. They are almost to the point, Maria, where they will have to start using computer-generated graphics in order to give to the propaganda machine because they can’t get good clips to sell what they’re trying to sell here in Washington which is — which are policies that are running the country into the ground. 

Republicans And Corporations Contol The Mainstream Media In The United States

Republicans have the top cable news network, top websites, and have bullied corporations into treating their conspiracy theories as legitimate. Democrats aren’t running the media, it could be argued that Republicans are, which makes their spectacular message failing against Joe Biden all the more incredible.

Republicans have not been able to dent the president or his administration with their attacks, so Rep. Nunes was projected, because the Fox News machine is not injecting lies about President Biden into the mainstream conversation anymore.

Devin Nunes Hints About Republicans Using Deep Fakes

Republicans always blame Democrats for what they are trying to do, so when Nunes accused Democrats of “computer-generated clips,” you better believe that this is an option that Republicans are looking at for use against President Biden and Democrats.

Democrats aren’t faking the news, but Nunes can’t wrap his mind around the idea that Democratic policies are popular, which is why he went off into claiming that the news that the American people see is CGI.