Domestic Extremism Expert And Fair Elections Group Join 1/6 Lawsuits Against Trump

Domestic extremism expert Jared Holt and the States Democracy United Center filed a brief in support of the lawsuits against Trump for the 1/6 attack.

Brief Contends That Trump Knew His Supporters Were Capable Of Violence

The brief filed in support of the lawsuits against Trump states in part, “Trump, along with the rest of America, knew his supporters were capable of violence because they had been committing violent acts in his name since even before he was elected. He knew it because they continued to commit violence and participate in armed demonstrations after the election, as Trump promoted baseless conspiracy theories about a stolen election. And he knew it because he repeatedly praised his supporters’ violent tendencies and even asked them to commit violence on his behalf.”

Trump’s 1/6 Legal Troubles Aren’t Going Away.

The lawsuits, including the one filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) all contend that Trump has legal liability for the violence that he incited. The reason why Trump has been trying to rewrite the history of the 1/6 attack is that he has liability.

The failed former one-term president spent years fanning the flames of violence and threatening the country with an attack by his supporters if he didn’t get his way.

As the 1/6 Committee investigates. Trump’s Capitol attack legal problems aren’t going away. They are getting worse.