GOP Leaders Are Worried That Trump Favorite Herschel Walker Needs to Be Replaced in Georgia

The relationship between Herschel Walker and Donald Trump goes back a long time. When Walker was a football star coming out of college, Trump gave him a massive contract to sign with his New Jersey Generals. And since then the men have been close.

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Prior to joining the Generals, Walker starred at the University of Georgia. So naturally, Trump thinks he would be the perfect candidate to win back a Georgia senate seat. The rest of the GOP, however, isn’t so sure.

Walker has some troubling issues in his past including a report that he threatened violence against his ex-wife. The former football player also has no political experience.

So Mitch McConnell, who only care about winning, is considering other options. According to CNN, “McConnell, who has privately expressed his deep concerns with Walker’s potential candidacy, met this summer with Loeffler and Perdue. He is also meeting this week with another potential candidate — former Trump national security official Latham Saddler — according to a source familiar with the situation. The source said that McConnell is likely to meet with other candidates as well.”

Another powerful Republican lawmaker, Texas’ John Cornyn, seems to agree. He recently told reporters, “All I know is what I read in the paper. I want to win that race, and so I want the best nominee. I don’t know whether he’s it.”

Trump’s control of the Republican party is contingent upon him getting Republicans elected. Risky candidates like Walker could sink him fast.


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