Chuck Schumer Is Playing Republicans Like A Fiddle On The Infrastructure Bill

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Republicans that they could agree to either pass the infrastructure bill quickly or stay in session.

Video of Schumer:

Schumer told Senate Republicans:

Democrats are very eager to start voting on further amendments, but we need consent from the chamber to schedule those amendment votes. We worked all day Thursday to come to an agreement with our Republican colleagues on such a package, but unfortunately, were not able to.

So we can get this done the easy way or the hard way. In either case, the Senate will stay in session until we finish our work. It’s up to my Republican colleagues how long it takes.

To put it another way, Schumer is willing to keep the Senate in session all through their scheduled August break if that is what it takes to get the infrastructure bills passed.

Sen. Schumer is making a very tricky process look easy by not allowing Republicans to act out and derail the steady advancement of legislation that will deliver a major victory to President Biden.