The Comments Of Capitol Police Lt. Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Show Why She Was A Terrorist

Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd expressed sympathy for Ashli Babbitt’s family but pointed out that she was a threat to the House, and he saved lives by shooting her.

Lt. Michael Byrd Said Ashli Babbitt Was Posing A Threat To The House

Via NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt as aired on Today:

Transcript via NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt:

LESTER HOLT: And what did you think this individual was doing at that moment?
LIEUTENANT MICHAEL BYRD: She was posing a threat to United States House of Representatives.
LESTER HOLT: Have you continued to question your actions that day?
LIEUTENANT MICHAEL BYRD: I knew that day I followed my training, and I spent countless years preparing for such a moment. You ultimately hope that moment never occurs, but you prepare as best you can. I know that day I saved countless lives.
LESTER HOLT: If Ashli Babbitt’s family is watching this, is there anything you would say to them?
LIEUTENANT MICHAEL BYRD: What I would like to say is to all the families from January the 6 that their family members received injury or lost of life, that my heart goes out to them. I’m sorry for their loss and what they’re dealing with, and I pray that they find peace and comfort.

Ashli Babbitt Was A Criminal Who Was Engaged In An Act Of Domestic Terror

As the threat of violence from Trump supporters continues to grow, Lt. Byrd laid out the reasoning why the people who attacked the Capitol were dangerous. Babbitt was posing a threat to the House of Representatives. Lt. Byrd and the other police were the last line of defense for keeping members of Congress safe.

Ashli Babbitt was engaged in a criminal act of domestic terror, which